The Art for Water website and store raised $2631.  Our site www.artforwater.ca is now closed, but click here and here to see screen shots of our website campaign.



To date, we have raised:



Art for Water is a non-profit campaign to aid water charities in bringing clean and safe drinking water to the almost 1 billion who struggle without it.

It’s a project I started because I found it unacceptable that some people in the world spent their whole days searching for water.  I used art to fuel the project because I felt that was where I could create the most impact, by combining two passions together.  I will be adding to the mix, another passion, event planning, by organising an auction in Summer 2012 that will include Art for Water’s auction of signed and original pieces donated to the project.

Art for Water is made up of artists who have donated their artwork to be part of an online store where 100% of proceeds will go towards the campaign. This website is collection of talented artists from all over the world.



Almost a billion people on the planet do not have clean and safe drinking water. We’ve decided that this is unacceptable. $20 is all that is needed to save one life. Think about how easily you spend $20. It’s not a lot to us, but it can do so much somewhere else in the world.


Please donate and support if you believe in this cause here on our fundraising page:  http://mycharitywater.org/artforwaterdonate (this campaign is now over)


For more information about the water charities and the crisis please visit:

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