Currently working at Nelvana Studios in Toronto.  She has been painting for Teletoon, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, YTV.

Jacqueline lives downtown with her dog Mushroom where she enjoys eating cookies and dreaming.

She loves lighting, shapes and food.

She was born in London, England where she faked a British accent, but resides in Toronto faking a Canadian accent.

She has two mischievous sisters that live in London who also like to draw, and a brother and sister in Toronto, who she can’t believe are already in university.

At the moment she is writing and painting a short story about her travels.

Work can be commissioned and Jacqueline is always looking for interesting projects.

Amongst creating artwork, she is an advocate of organising fundraising events for charities or encouraging other artists to showcase their work. Also available for organising art events.


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